Gastric sleeve Gold Coast

Why Gold Coast residents are opting for gastric sleeve surgery

Author: Dr Candice Silverman
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Gastric sleeve Gold Coast

Local benefits for gastric sleeve surgery on the Gold Coast

If you are around the Gold Coast area and considering gastric sleeve surgery, check out these five local benefits of getting your procedure done right here at home.

High-quality medical facilities:

On the Gold Coast, we have access to exceptional medical facilities at John Flynn Private Hospital. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology and tailored for high-end care, especially for procedures like gastric sleeve surgery. It’s all about giving you a top-quality experience in facilities that are as committed to your health as we are.

Experienced surgeons:

The Gold Coast is home to some of the best weight loss surgeons in Australia, and at Core Specialist Group we are proud to be part of them. We bring a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to gastric sleeve surgeries. My work with robotic weight loss surgery – a first in Queensland – is all about offering choice to patients in the Gold Coast/Brisbane/Lismore area.

Fo those of you that are interested in robotic weight loss surgery, there are some very real benefits:

  • Smaller incisions: Robotic weight loss surgery leaves fewer visible scars and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Better range of motion: The tools that we use are very flexible and more flexible than the tools being used in laparoscopic surgery. It’s all about giving us the ability to be more precise in surgery.
  • Better vision: We get a binocular view, making everything pop out in three dimensions with high-definition clarity. This helps us see more depth and precision, again helping us to be more accurate.
  • Shorter hospital stays and recovery times: Minimally-invasive procedures like robotic weight loss surgery often equals less time in hospital, less pain and a quicker recovery.

Involved in research:

Being at the forefront of research means the care you get keeps getting better. Dr Anna Isaacs and I work closely together and we both are involved in bariatric surgery research. We are both aiming to bring you breakthrough care that can really make a difference to your results.

Community support:

At Core Specialist Group, we have a great network of support groups in the community, including my own PEAK Program Facebook page, where you can find support and share experiences with others on a similar journey. For expert nutritional advice, our dietitian’s Facebook page is posting tips and advice to help manage your diet post-surgery.


The Gold Coast’s beach culture is all about being active and getting outdoors. If you’re thinking about gastric sleeve surgery, it could be because you want to dive into this active lifestyle, feel the sand under your feet, and enjoy all the movement and life around you with better health and more comfort.

In this video I explain what a sleeve gastrectomy is. 

Benefits gastric sleeve surgery

6 transformative benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery, and looking for reasons to have this life-changing procedure, take a look at these 6 transformative benefits that could make a significant impact on your life.

Effective weight loss solution:

Gastric sleeve surgery has a proven track record of helping patients achieve significant weight loss (up to 60% of your excess weight). Weight loss surgery is the most effective and long-lasting treatment for severe obesity.

Improved health conditions:

Losing a substantial amount of weight can do wonders for your health, potentially improving or even completely resolving obesity-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, and heart disease.

Reduced hunger:

One of the hidden gems of gastric sleeve surgery is how it reduces your appetite. By removing the part of the stomach that sends out hunger signals, you’ll find yourself not just eating less, but wanting less food. It’s a subtle change that can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey.

Permanent solution:

Unlike diets and medication that might promote temporary weight loss, a gastric sleeve offers a permanent change to the stomach’s size.


With advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques, the gastric sleeve has become a relatively safe procedure with a low complication rate. Having said that, it’s still a surgical procedure and complications may arise. We will talk about this during consultation.

Enhanced quality of life:

Gastric sleeve surgery is about so much more than the numbers on the scale. With gastric sleeve surgery, you’re signing up for an uplift in your whole life. Imagine greater self-esteem, a brighter mood, and the joy of engaging fully in every moment. That’s the kind of holistic wellbeing we see time and again in our patients post-surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Gold Coast Weight Loss Solutions


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