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About Peak

About the Peak weight loss program

Just as there are many roads that lead to obesity, there are many ways to recover from the chronic condition too.

Lifestyle, genetics, nutrition and psychology all contribute to a condition where body fat may have a negative impact on the long-term health of the patient. 

Drawing on her extensive experience, Dr Candice Silverman has concluded that no two obesity patients are the same and designed and implemented the Peak surgical weight-loss program as a personalised solution to treat the condition.

Peak combines the speciality fields of bariatric surgery, psychology and nutrition to provide a multifaceted, tailored, long-term solution to help obese patients achieve ‘peak’ condition both mentally and physically.

There are various bariatric surgical options available to treat obesity. Dr Silverman thoroughly addresses the situation of the individual and considers the benefits and risks of each procedure to make sure the patient undergoes the most suitable weight-loss surgery for their unique needs.

Psychologist support also underpins Peak. To ensure that treatment results are long-lasting, the patient may need to overcome emotional and behavioural obstacles. Peak facilitates this every step of the way from the moment the patient's eligibility for surgery is assessed, right through to post-surgery and beyond. 

The third, and perhaps the most significant discipline of Peak, is nutrition. A Peak dietician will provide information, education and practical tools to help the patient discover the foods their body needs to achieve optimum health and learn how to enjoy them as part of a balanced lifestyle.

The Peak surgical weight-loss program consistently achieves exceptional patient outcomes. In such a complex condition, it addresses the specific needs of the individual to help them live a healthy life, not just immediately post-surgery but long into the future.