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Diet and Nutritional Support

The Peak program’s diet and nutritional support is designed to assist obesity patients.

Lack of dietary education and poor nutrition habits can, over an extended period, lead to obesity.

To guarantee the most efficient and successful outcomes from weight-loss surgery, it's crucial that the causes of obesity are addressed, not just the symptoms. Therefore, nutritional support is one of the fundamental pillars of the Peak program.

From the beginning of the individuals journey with the Peak program until 12 months post-surgery, the patient will receive expert nutritional support and guidance to make sure that changes that occur during surgery become healthy habits that lead to a long and positive future.

As part of the Peak package, the following dietary support is available:

  • Body composition analysis using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Tools to analyse nutrition intake both pre and post-surgery.
  • Face-to-face consultations and email support with our team of specialised expert dieticians.
  • Exercise information and guidance.
  • The Portion Perfection for Bariatrics Kit. The kit contains a portion plate, bowl, and snack guidance to help monitor food intake accurately.

The dietician's consultations are part of a cohesive care plan that considers all areas of the patient's progress.  The timing of the consultations are carefully scheduled, yet remain flexible, to make sure the patient receives suitable support at critical stages of their recovery.

Dieticians visits are the time for the patient to discuss their concerns, difficulties, and set new goals. Dieticians will identify and provide solutions for any issues that have arisen and determine achievable milestones to work towards in line with the next consultation.

With six dietician visits included in the Peak program, a standard roster of visits may look like this:

First visit – Prior to the bariatric surgery.

Second visit – Two weeks post-surgery.

Third visit – Four weeks post-surgery.

Fourth visit – Eight weeks post-surgery.

Fifth visit – 12 weeks post-surgery.

Sixth visit – 12-month review.

Extra appointments may be arranged outside of the Peak program for patients who feel they need additional nutritional support to contribute to their ongoing success. Standard charges will apply.

The Core Specialist Group’s team of dieticians have been hand-picked based on their lengthy service and diverse spectrum of successes already achieved in the nutrition field.

The Core Specialist Group dieticians who provide support as part of the Peak program are:

Amanda Clark

Laura Hosking