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Where a patient has lost a considerable amount of weight there can often be a large amount of excess hanging skin and fat remaining. An apronectomy is a surgical procedure to remove this excess tissue. This procedure is only offered by Dr Silverman to patients who have completed the 12-month Peak weight loss program.


An apronectomy is performed under a general anaesthetic. A horizontal incision is made across the lower section of the abdomen, and the excess skin and fat is carefully excised. The skin remaining is then brought together and the incision is closed.

The procedure generally takes 2-3 hours. Occasionally other necessary surgical procedures are completed at the same time, for instance hernia repairs.

Postoperative Instructions

Patients will need a short hospital stay after an apronectomy. Once discharged from hospital you should avoid any heavy lifting or any form of strenuous physical activity during the recovery period. You may also need to wear an 'abdominal binder', a type of medical garment that aids recovery after an apronectomy.