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Glossary of Terms


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Term: Acute pain

Definition: A pain level that is severe or intense.

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Term: Allied health

Definition: Allied health refers to healthcare professionals who don't administer clinical treatments. Psychologists, nutritionists, and dieticians are all allied health professionals.


Term: Bariatric

Definition: The branch of medicine that focusses on the causes, treatment and prevention of obesity.

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Term: Bariatric surgery

Definition: Surgery to assist with weight loss performed on patients with obesity. Procedures involved in bariatric surgery include reducing the size of the stomach by removing a portion of the stomach or inserting a gastric band. Otherwise known as weight loss surgery.

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Term: Benign

Definition: A lump or mass that is not harmful or cancerous.


Term: Chemotherapy

Definition: The use of chemical substances in treatment of diseases like cancer.

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Term: Dietician

Definition: An expert on nutrition and diet.


Term: Gastric band

Definition: A silicone device placed around the top of the stomach to restrict the amount of food the patient can eat. A common procedure to assist in the treatment of obesity.

Term: General Practitioner (GP)

Definition: A community-based doctor. The first medical professional to visit for any health concerns who will then refer serious conditions to a hospital or specialist.


Term: Laparoscopy

Definition: A small-scale surgical procedure where the interior of the abdomen is examined using a fibre-optic tube (laparoscope) inserted through a small incision. Also known as 'keyhole surgery'.


Term: Multidisciplinary care

Definition: A collaborative approach to patient care. A holistic treatment plan that bests meets the needs of the patient is decided and administered by several different healthcare specialists. Multidisciplinary healthcare teams consist of medical clinicians, allied health professionals and support staff.


Term: Obesity

Definition: The condition where the percentage of body fat may cause adverse health implications. Anyone with a Body Mass Index of 30 or above is considered obese.

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Term: Oncology unit

Definition: A specific unit dedicated to the management and treatment of tumours and cancer.


Term: Palliative care

Definition: A care facility for those who are terminally ill.

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Term: Private hospital

Definition: A healthcare facility owned by a private institution.

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Term: Public hospital

Definition: A healthcare facility owned by the government.


Term: Radiotherapy

Definition: Treatment of illness (usually cancer) using radiation such as X-rays.

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Term: Robotic surgery

Definition: A method to perform surgery using robotic systems and tools controlled by a computer device. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive and promotes faster recovery. The surgeon is in complete control at all times.