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Surgical team

Dr Candice Silverman


Bariatric, Upper GI and General Surgeon

07 5598 0955

Dr Candice Silverman specialises in general, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery.

Her main areas of interest are upper-gastrointestinal surgery, hepato-pancreatic biliary surgery, hernia surgery, and bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Dr Candice Silverman

Dr Anna Isaacs


General, Metabolic and Upper GI Surgeon

07 5598 0955

Dr Anna Isaacs specialises in upper Gi surgery, including hiatus hernia repair, anti-reflux surgery and metabolic surgery as well as the treatment of gastric cancer. She also performs general surgical operations including cholecystectomy, hernia repair and endoscopy, as well as acute general surgical management. 

  • ANZ Journal of Surgery: Diaphragmatic eventration complicated by gastric volvulus
  • Springer Nature/Researchgate: Study over 30 years reveals a decline in giant hiatus hernia recurrence rates, potentially linked to the growing adoption of the ‘composite repair’ technique.


Dr Anna Isaacs

Bariatric GP | Medical weight loss | Core Specialist Group

Medical team

Dr Shannon Butler


General Practitioner

07 5598 0955

Dr Shannon Butler has been a local general practitioner for over ten years since graduating in 2008. 

She specialised in weight loss and promotes healthy living. Shannon sees obesity as a medical issue, not a choice. She believes in a personalised, long-term approach to weight loss.

At Core Specialist Group, Dr Butler creates tailored weight loss plans, prescribes weight loss medications, and collaborates with a health team to support your wellbeing.

Dr Shannon Butler

Weight loss dietitian and psychologists | Core Specialist Group Gold Coast

Allied health team

Amanda Clark

BSc, PGrad Dip Nut & Diet, Adv APD

Accredited Dietitian

0755 366 400

Amanda Clark is a Gold Coast-based accredited dietitian and specialises in an essential discipline to help obesity patients achieve and maintain significant weight loss. 

Amanda is passionate about educating patients on their physical capabilities post-surgery. By providing an understanding of how making small, consistently healthy choices contributes to overall results, healthy habits are formed based on an individual’s lifestyle and capacity for change.

Wendy Borislavsky

BEd, BPsych (Hons), MPsych (Clin) M.A.P.S

Clinical Psychologist

07 5598 0955

Wendy Borislavsky is a trained educator and clinical psychologist at Core Specialist Group. Based on the Gold Coast, Wendy has a keen professional interest in the fields of bariatric surgery and adult chronic pain management. 

Jenne Turner


0412 754 819

Jenne Turner is an Australian registered psychologist at Core Specialist Group. She has a Master’s degree in rehabilitation. Jenne is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Eating, Weight and Body Image special interest group. Jenne predominately works in weight management and specifically bariatric weight management.

Lorraine Langsford

Clinical Psychologist

0404 036 633

Lorraine is a clinical psychologist who has over 30 years’ experience working in the areas of physical and psychological health. She has worked as a registered nurse within the public and private health sectors for some 20 years working with physical and psychological illness. Over the past 10 years Lorraine has specialised in clinical and health psychology.