Robotic weight loss surgery Gold Coast

Robotic-assisted bariatric surgery: All your questions answered

Robotic-assisted weight loss surgery addresses the unique challenges of obesity. Learn how robotics delivers 3D high-definition views, allowing surgeons to have a crystal clear vision of the surgical area. 

robotic weight loss surgery gold coast

Robotic weight loss surgeon Queensland

What is robotic-assisted weight loss surgery?

Robotic-assisted weight loss surgery is a highly specialised type of weight loss surgery. Using the state-of-the-art da Vinci technology is particularly suited for bariatric surgery. That’s because obesity comes with particular challenges such as denser abdominal walls and reduced internal space due to fatty tissue. 

Robotic surgical instruments are often better suited to operating in this environment than conventional open or laparoscopic (keyhole/’minimally invasive’) techniques.

Our specialist bariatric surgeon, Dr Candice Silverman, is a pioneer in the use of robotic techniques in weight loss surgery. She is the first female surgeon in Queensland to use robotic surgery for bariatric procedures.

Robotic-assisted weight loss surgery grants great precision, visualisation and flexibility during the procedure.

In the theatre, I sit near you at a console from where I control a camera and tiny surgical instruments. This system amplifies my capability to execute complex manoeuvres with precision. It’s not automation. Instead it complements and elevates the skills I’ve extensively trained for. 

Dr Candice Silverman
Robotic-Assisted Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

The 3D high-definition views magnifies the surgical area tenfold. Built-in tremor filtration technology ensures smooth, precise manoeuvres. 

Benefits robotic bariatric surgery

Benefits of robotic-assisted bariatric surgery

#1 Precision and control

The da Vinci technology offers enhanced visualisation, precision, dexterity and control compared to traditional methods. 

The robotic arms are very flexible, way more than a human hand, providing us – surgeons – with unparalleled precision 

Dr Candice Silverman
Robotic-Assisted Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

#2 Minimally invasive technique

Robotic-assisted weight loss surgery is typically performed as a laparoscopic procedure. 

We make a few small incisions, rather than one big one. This typically results in quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring, lower risk of infection, and importantly, reduced pain levels. 

Dr Candice Silverman
Robotic-Assisted Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

#3 Safety and efficacy

Clinical studies have shown that robotic-assisted bariatric surgeries can have equivalent or even better outcomes compared to traditional methods, especially in complex procedures.

Robotic weight loss surgery Gold Coast

Core Specialist Group for robotic-assisted weight loss surgery

At Core Specialist Group, your health and comfort are our highest priority. If you are considering robotic-assisted weight loss surgery and are looking for compassionate and exceptional patient care, please get in touch with our friendly team. With consulting rooms in Tugun, Lismore (NSW) and Byron Bay (NSW) we aim to make you feel at ease in the lead up to your consultation and possible procedure.

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