Weight loss surgery Gold Coast

Weight loss surgery: Understanding eligibility, procedures and outcomes

When you have been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, but haven’t been successful, you may consider weight loss surgery. On this page, we’ll explain four key considerations we believe you should know about, so you can make an informed decision about your health journey. 

weight loss surgery gold coast

Bariatric surgery candidate

#1 What makes me a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. That’s why the Australian and New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society has published guidelines about eligibility. (Source: World Obesity

  • BMI > 35 by itself or >30 if there is an associated obesity illness, such as diabetes or sleep apnoea
  • Reasonable attempts at other weight loss techniques
  • Age 18-65
  • Obesity related health problems
  • No psychiatric or drug dependency problems
  • A capacity to understand the risks and commitment associated with the surgery

Here at Core Specialist Group, we firmly believe it’s important to be psychologically and emotionally prepared for the life changes that come with bariatric surgery. 

That’s why we have developed our Peak surgical weight loss program. Before and after surgery you will see our Peak psychologist who will assess your ‘readiness’ as well as support you through the changes that weight loss surgery brings to your life. 

Dr Candice Silverman
Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

Best weight loss surgery procedure Gold Coast

#2 What weight loss procedure is best for me?

For some people it’s just not an option to lose weight via diet and exercise alone. If this is the case for you, then bariatric surgery may be the best option for you. Our Core specialists will advise you about different types of surgery, and will help you select the most appropriate option for your circumstances. These include:

Gastric Sleeve

A permanent weight loss procedure that removes about 85% of your stomach’s volume. 

Gastric Bypass

A weight loss procedure that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and rerouting the digestive tract.

Intra-gastric Balloon

A non-surgical procedure that involves inserting a medical device into your stomach, causing it to inflate so that it takes up about ⅓ of the total stomach volume.

After the surgery, you will need to change your diet and our Peak dietitians will help you prepare for these lifestyle changes, as well as follow up with you to see how you are going. 

The recovery time depends on the procedure: it can range from a few days to several weeks.

Benefits weight loss surgery

#3 Benefits and risks

Lots of people achieve significant weight loss results after bariatric surgery. However, it’s important to stress that outcomes depend on your ability to change your lifestyle. 

Hence the importance of our Peak surgical weight loss program. It’s not the weight loss surgeon doing the magic. It’s you! Making these important lifestyle changes, supported by our Peak dietitians and psychologists, is what truly drives long lasting success. 

Dr Anna Isaacs
Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

Quite often, obesity-related conditions like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea improve or even get resolved after surgery. 

As with any surgery, there are potential risks, which we will discuss during the consultation. These can include infections, blood clots, leaks in the gastrointestinal systems or adverse reactions to the anaesthetic.

Weight loss surgery Gold Coast cost

#4 The cost of bariatric surgery

The financial aspect of bariatric surgery can be daunting. At Core Specialist Group we aim to provide transparent and comprehensive information about costs to support your decision-making.

Your options to finance the treatment will depend on your personal situation.

Dr Candice Silverman
Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast

In Australia, if you have gold cover private health insurance, it typically covers the hospital costs associated with weight loss surgery. lf you don’t have gold cover, you are liable for the entire hospital cost. On our Weight Loss Cost page, we explain all the details for both options. 

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Core Specialist Group for weight loss surgery

At Core Specialist Group, your health and comfort are our highest priority. If you are considering weight loss surgery and are looking for compassionate and exceptional patient care, please get in touch with our friendly team. With consulting rooms in Tugun, Lismore (NSW) and Byron Bay (NSW) we aim to make you feel at ease in the lead up to your consultation and possible procedure. 

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