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All your questions answered about the intra-gastric balloon

An intra-gastric balloon is a medical device that is inserted in the stomach via the mouth and oesophagus. It is expandable and it limits the space in your stomach, which helps reduce food intake. You can expect to lose 10-20 kg during the 6 months that the balloon is in place. 

gastric balloon gold coast

Gastric balloon explained

What is an intra-gastric balloon?

An intra-gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure, as no incisions are required. It is a medical device that is inserted into your stomach via your mouth using an endoscope. Once in place, it is filled with a saline solution, causing it to inflate. 

An intra-gastric balloon typically takes up about one third of the total stomach volume. Food intake is reduced, and you feel fuller after consuming smaller amounts of food.

In the past, it was often used to help patients lose weight before a bariatric procedure such as a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Nowadays, it’s an option for individuals who are borderline obese (BMI 27-35) and have not been able to shed weight using a weight loss program.

It’s a great alternative for people who do not want to undergo permanent bariatric surgery. We keep the balloon 6 months in place, before it is removed, and during that time you may expect to lose 10 to 20 kg. 

Dr Candice Silverman
Weight Loss Specialist

The intra-gastric balloon is exclusively available to individuals who commit to a 12-month weight loss program, available at Core Specialist Group. There are other suitability criteria for this procedure which will be explained at your initial consultation. 

Gastric balloon Gold Coast

The gastric balloon procedure explained

During the intra-gastric balloon procedure, you will be under a gentle twilight sedation (which is less intensive than a general anaesthetic). Using an endoscope equipped with a small video camera, we will guide the balloon through your mouth and oesophagus into the stomach. 

Once the balloon is correctly positioned, we will inflate it with a sterile saline solution, typically ranging from 550 to 750 ml. It’s a swift and efficient procedure, generally taking less than 20 minutes. You will return home on the same day. 

Dr Anna Isaacs
Weight Loss Specialist

What side-effects should I know of?

  • Reflux: Reflux can occasionally be a side-effect. However, it can be effectively managed by making sure your food portion sizes are correct and making necessary lifestyle changes. In some cases, medication (or changes in medication dosage) may be required.
  • Bad breath: This is not uncommon and can often be resolved by consuming clear fluids only, like diet ginger beer, for a 24-hour period. This helps dissolve any residual food in the stomach that may cause bad breath.
  • Balloon migration: This is when the balloon moves out of position. If you feel any abdominal cramping this may be the cause. We will provide specific instructions as to how to move the balloon back into the correct position; sleeping on your left side can also help with this.

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Core Specialist Group for intra-gastric balloon

At Core Specialist Group, your health and comfort are our highest priority. If you are considering an intra-gastric balloon and are looking for compassionate and exceptional patient care, please get in touch with our friendly team. We are consulting in Tugun, Lismore (NSW), Ballina (NSW) and Byron Bay (NSW) we will make you feel at ease in the lead up to your consultation and possible gastric balloon procedure.

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