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Frequently Asked Questions

Charges depend on the treatment required. In your initial consultation, your specialist will provide a full financial breakdown of your care plan, so you can prepare a budget before we schedule any procedures. All payments must be made prior to, or on the day of the procedure. Your initial consultation is $240.

Learn more about Fees and Payments.

We don't bulk bill, so you will have to pay for your appointment on the day. You may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for a portion of your costs, but please check before booking your appointment.

Yes. Your specialist will need to see everything relating to your medical history including your referral letter from your GP (they may have sent this directly so please check), your Medicare card, private health care card and any test results, X-Rays and scans.

The Core Specialist Group consults out of two locations; The John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast, and St Vincent's Private Hospital in Lismore.

Our surgeons operate at the John Flynn Hospital, St Vincent's Private Hospital and in the public healthcare system at The Tweed Hospital. More information on locations and surgery times is available on request.

In order to receive the Medicare rebate, you'll need a referral letter from your GP. Once you have this, contact us, and we'll make an appointment for you to see Dr Candice Silverman, a leading contributor to the Bariatric Surgery Register in Australia. Bariatric appointments are available within a week.

Dr Silverman will assess your current situation and make a recommendation for the type of bariatric surgery most suited to your needs.

Once you've received your initial recommendation, your surgery will be scheduled approximately four weeks later.

It depends on the nature of the surgery, but you'll be in theatre for between one and four hours.

Yes. You'll need to adopt new dietary habits to make sure your nutritional intake adequately sustains you.  Our team of allied health professionals consisting of dieticians and psychologists will guide you pre and post-weight loss surgery to help you achieve the most successful outcome from your bariatric surgery.