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General information about your operation

Your operation – essential information

Before your operation

In most cases, your hospital admission is on the day of your surgery.

When you arrive, please check in at reception where we'll register your details and direct you to the appropriate ward or treatment room.

If you're booked in for Bariatric surgery, you may need to undergo pre-surgical procedures in preparation for your operation. This will be advised by your surgeon before admission..

If you're feeling anxious about your operation, we invite you to come to the hospital prior to your surgery to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and ask any last-minute questions. Please make an appointment to do this, we're a busy practice, and we want to make sure a member of the team is available to greet you. 

During your operation

Of course, your family are welcome to wait while we operate. The John Flynn Private Hospital is centrally located, and for major surgeries that may take a few hours, we recommend family members use the time to enjoy our prime location.

We'll call them as soon as your surgery is ending, so they can be there when you wake up. Some family members prefer to wait on the hospital grounds, and that's perfectly fine too.

After your operation

Once your operation is over, you'll be moved to the recovery room for close monitoring.

Clinical staff will closely observe your wound, blood pressure and pulse, to make sure you're responding well post-surgery. 

You're likely to be in the recovery room for a few hours while the anaesthetic wears off before being moved to your private room. You might only be in recovery for a few hours, and it's normal not to remember being there as the effects of the anaesthetic may make you drowsy.

What should you pack?

The length of your hospital stay will vary but please only bring what you need. Carry with you your admissions letter, emergency contact numbers, your GPs details, and any personal items such as toiletries and a dressing gown that will contribute to your comfort post-operation.


In some cases, you might have to stop taking your medication prior to surgery. Please make sure you've received instructions from your surgeon in advance.

Please bring any medications or prescriptions with you and advise your surgeon on admission. If your medication is no longer required post-surgery, your surgeon will recommend they take it away for safe destruction.

Leaving the hospital

In most cases, recovery from surgery is fast and uncomplicated. Once the surgeon is happy with your recovery progress, they'll give you a time for discharge.

Please make sure that when you leave the hospital, you have clear instructions for your continuing care as an outpatient.

You'll be required to have your stitches removed, and your surgeon will want to schedule regular appointments to monitor your progress. Please make sure the first of these is booked in before you leave.